Chef’s Log 12: Yogi Treat


Fresh, green and healthy Pesto

I was wrong. You see, unlike (the majority of) humans, I am more than capable of admitting an error.  I’m afraid my earlier assessment that in order to be appetizing a (non-dessert) dish must contain meat in some form was simply false. You may wonder what brought about this sudden change of heart. Well, it was a charming little café by the name of The Yogi Tree. Continue reading

Chef’s Log 9: Sereni-tea


Tea-rrific presentation too

Tea. Who knew it could be so exciting? I certainly didn’t. I once thought of it as the milder, boring cousin of coffee, but I stand corrected. As I recently discovered, there are apparently many things one can do with this beverage. And ‘Tea Centre’ in Mumbai (As is implied by their name) are certainly experts in that field. Continue reading