Chef’s Log 47: It’s All Greek to Me

Like others of my race, I too firmly believe that the occasional indulgence is not just a luxury, but a necessity. And what better indulgence is there really, than food? I am slowly discovering that money, like so many other things on this rather depressing planet, is transient- one minute it’s here, the next it’s gone. Continue reading

Chef’s Log 45: Curry Leaves-An-Excellent-Taste-In-Your-Mouth

Beef Dry Fry, Chicken Pepper Fry and Appam(s)

Beef Dry Fry, Chicken Pepper Fry and Appam(s)

I admit, I consider the human race to be a rather weak species. If one were to ask my opinion, I would declare without any hesitation that the only reason they thrive now is because of the utter lack of intelligence possessed by Earth’s inferior species Continue reading

Chef’s Log 32: Paratha Paradise


It was so inviting, I couldn’t resist sampling it before I took a picture

I am of the belief that food tastes even better when you get your money’s worth. Nandu’s Paratha is one of those rare restaurants that greatly pleases both, your tastebuds and your wallet. Located on Dhole Patil road, one of Pune’s foremost food hubs, this place specializes in what is surprisingly one of the most delightful and versatile dishes of all time- the ‘Paratha’. Continue reading

Chef’s Log 31: Dot’s Delicious!


These wings certainly transported me to a better place

Every now and then you find a gem of a restaurant where practically everything on the menu is excellent. ‘Polka Dots’ is one such place. With a widely varied and extensive set of dining options, of which none have disappointed (so far), this could be my new favourite place. Continue reading

Chef’s Log 29: Mezzunaice!


Brick Grilled Citrus Rubbed Chicken

The other day I came by a charming place in Pune by the name of ‘Mezzuna’. I have often said that I find the tendency of Earth restaurants to stick to a certain theme rather endearing, but as a food critic (and chef), I always appreciate a place which can provide an extensive and varied menu. This is one of those places. Continue reading

Chef’s Log 28: Raining Food (From a Macerated Sky)


Balsamic Chicken with herbed rice and parsley butter

Being the most excellent food explorer that I am, I have yet again made a very promising discovery. Perhaps I should start carrying a whip around so that I may be likened to that great explorer of human myth, Indiana Jones. I would very much like for my culinary exploits to be dramatically narrated across many generations on this planet. Continue reading