Chef’s Log 82: How Ramentic

Classic Fat Ramen
Classic Fat Ramen

I believe I have now been on this planet long enough to be considered an honorary human. Whether that is a title I actually desire or not is a separate question. But over the years I have grown somewhat fond of humans, their endearing flaws notwithstanding, so like everyone else remotely sensible on this planet, I have been trapped indoors as the virus runs its course. Luckily, that does not mean that I have to deprive myself of my favourite thing: eating out.

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Chef’s Log 71: A Feast in the North East

Visiting a new place is always an exciting proposition, especially when it involves crossing new culinary frontiers. So when I was given the opportunity to visit North East India, I did not hesitate to take it. I was excited to learn that this part of the country is known for doing justice to that most delicious of meat–pork. Continue reading

Chef’s Log 69: You’d Be Stewpid To Not Try This

We have an old saying on my planet, which roughly translates to ‘true strength of character can be measured by how much meat one can consume in a single sitting.’ This could explain my strong dislike (and mistrust) of vegetarians—at least partially. But the point is, I have grown extremely fond of the red meat found on Earth, particularly the pork and beef varieties, and have a special preference for restaurants that can do it justice. Continue reading

Chef’s Log 66: Gunpowder, Season(ing) and Pork

As any great food connoisseur would know, it is more than a little challenging to find a restaurant that manages to get every dish on the menu right. Of course, it would be equally challenging to actually sample every dish on the menu, even for me. However, I believe I might have found a restaurant that could potentially live up to the task mentioned above. Its name: Gunpowder. Continue reading

Chef’s Log 18: Korea-lly Awesome


Food like this renews my faith in the human race


Soojeonggwa and cold soup

I have made a very exciting discovery.  My knowledge of science is limited, at best (although interestingly, it would appear that certain Earthlings consider culinary art and science to be one and the same), but I can safely assume that the scientists on my planet would consider this a most fascinating find. Continue reading

Chef’s Log 11: Slide Into Happiness

Ahh Pork

Ahh Pork

Is there nothing better than a warm afternoon spent in a lovely rambling bungalow enjoying a delicious meal? Well, on my planet there is. It’s called a Brainbungler, and once you pop it in your mouth, it gives you the most beautiful, colourful, visions, lasting for what is an entire year in human time. Sadly, I have learnt that these sorts of objects are referred to as ‘drugs’ on this planet and are generally frowned upon for some reason. Continue reading