Chef’s Log 47: It’s All Greek to Me

Like others of my race, I too firmly believe that the occasional indulgence is not just a luxury, but a necessity. And what better indulgence is there really, than food? I am slowly discovering that money, like so many other things on this rather depressing planet, is transient- one minute it’s here, the next it’s gone. Continue reading

Chef’s Log 12: Yogi Treat


Fresh, green and healthy Pesto

I was wrong. You see, unlike (the majority of) humans, I am more than capable of admitting an error.  I’m afraid my earlier assessment that in order to be appetizing a (non-dessert) dish must contain meat in some form was simply false. You may wonder what brought about this sudden change of heart. Well, it was a charming little café by the name of The Yogi Tree. Continue reading

Chef’s Log 6: Slice Up Your Life

A Little Slice of Heaven

There is one thing about the Earthlings that I find refreshing. They will always go the extra mile to make sure they are not deprived of any food experience.  For instance, this land ‘Italy’ is halfway across the globe, and yet if one wishes, one could easily find several Italian food options right here. Of course, I am not qualified to comment on the authenticity of these culinary reproductions. Continue reading