Chef’s Log 25: Behind The Tapastry


Creamy, cheesy mashed potatoes wrapped in a crunchy fried spring roll shell

This tendency of the humans to try and appropriate cuisines from countries that they’ve probably never been to is most endearing. I was told that the Chinese food available in India is in fact, nothing like the food available in China. I perhaps would be disappointed if I was promised authentic Gastronomican food and then discovered that it is merely some human’s interpretation of it. Continue reading

Chef’s Log 11: Slide Into Happiness

Ahh Pork

Ahh Pork

Is there nothing better than a warm afternoon spent in a lovely rambling bungalow enjoying a delicious meal? Well, on my planet there is. It’s called a Brainbungler, and once you pop it in your mouth, it gives you the most beautiful, colourful, visions, lasting for what is an entire year in human time. Sadly, I have learnt that these sorts of objects are referred to as ‘drugs’ on this planet and are generally frowned upon for some reason. Continue reading

Chef’s Log 6: Slice Up Your Life

A Little Slice of Heaven

There is one thing about the Earthlings that I find refreshing. They will always go the extra mile to make sure they are not deprived of any food experience.  For instance, this land ‘Italy’ is halfway across the globe, and yet if one wishes, one could easily find several Italian food options right here. Of course, I am not qualified to comment on the authenticity of these culinary reproductions. Continue reading