Chef’s Log 78: T’was Fine to Dine at Mine-Ority

Continuing my trend of celebrating some of the prettiest food I’ve eaten, my next post will highlight what I’ve sampled from Mineority by Saby. First, a word about the restaurant. Located in Kalyani Nagar, Pune, Mineority’s decor and theme captures the essence of a mine (which explains the clever wordplay in the name). The dishes are an inventive and often delightfully quirky blend of local and international cuisine. Continue reading

Chef’s Log 60: It’s Getting Draughty

I confess, it took me a while to wrap my head around this thing called ‘beer.’ It confused me. It was fizzy, and most fizzy drinks I had sampled till then were sweet; overwhelmingly so. But not only is beer not sweet, it’s downright bitter! Add to that a strange frothiness, and I was flabbergasted. Continue reading

Chef’s Log 23: Potatotally Yummy


Perfection on a plate

Earthlings are strange in their usage of language.  The most delicious food they have to offer they refer to as ‘junk’. It makes absolutely no sense. The food that falls under that category is unhealthy, perhaps, (at least for humans and their characteristically weak constitutions) but it certainly makes up for it in taste. If there is anything that should be labelled ‘junk food’ it’s that horrendous mutation known as ‘cab-bage’. Continue reading