Chef’s Log 34: Rezala Your Hands


Chicken Rezala

A whole new state means a whole new selection of restaurants. The first place I decided to visit was a rather quaint little eatery titled ‘Aminia’. I sampled their ‘Chicken Rezala’ accompanied by a ‘roomali roti’. The rezala turned out to be a delicately flavoured, lightly spiced chicken broth with a distinctly sweet aftertaste. Continue reading

Chef’s Log 33: East of Eatin’

By now I have learnt that the Earth sector known as ‘India’ is a place that contains within itself many cultures, many traditions, many languages and most important of all, many kinds of food. Since I have been situated primarily on the west coast of the country for a reasonable amount of time now, I naturally developed a curiosity regarding the east coast and its (presumably different) culinary traditions. Continue reading