Chef’s Log 23: Potatotally Yummy


Perfection on a plate

Earthlings are strange in their usage of language.  The most delicious food they have to offer they refer to as ‘junk’. It makes absolutely no sense. The food that falls under that category is unhealthy, perhaps, (at least for humans and their characteristically weak constitutions) but it certainly makes up for it in taste. If there is anything that should be labelled ‘junk food’ it’s that horrendous mutation known as ‘cab-bage’. Continue reading

Chef’s Log 21: Sell Your Soul for this Salad

This has to be worth at least one human soul. It tastes like Heaven

This has to be worth at least one human soul. It tastes like Heaven

Agonizing over how to spend your Sunday? Worry not, citizens of Earth; for I am here to solve all your many inconsequential problems. Disclaimer: only the inconsequential problems. Unlike what is optimistically depicted in your various forms of fiction, most aliens are not superpower-wielding do-gooders with an overwhelming passion for justice and embarrassing fashion choices. Continue reading

Chef’s Log 5: A Whole New World (Of Meat)

Bay-con Heaven?

So I decided (Well ‘decided’ is used loosely here; spent hours convincing my superiors is more like it) that some degree of travelling would be necessary in order to fully appreciate the culinary range of this side of the country. ‘Country’: what is that anyway? We have no official borders where I come from. Continue reading