Chef’s Log 79: Finnished (Welcome to Syö-mi)

Salutations homo sapiens (although I hesitate to use that term given the original meaning of the word ‘sapien’). Loyal readers, as well as casual readers who happened to glance at the blog on that particular day, will recall that I made a rather significant (some might say game-changing) announcement approximately 1 year ago, human time. I am now pleased to confirm that this event has indeed come to pass. I have spent the last few months exploring, observing and meticulously documenting the culinary habits and culture of what is now my new home—Finland. Continue reading

Chef’s Log 33: East of Eatin’

By now I have learnt that the Earth sector known as ‘India’ is a place that contains within itself many cultures, many traditions, many languages and most important of all, many kinds of food. Since I have been situated primarily on the west coast of the country for a reasonable amount of time now, I naturally developed a curiosity regarding the east coast and its (presumably different) culinary traditions. Continue reading