Chef’s Log 82: How Ramentic

Classic Fat Ramen
Classic Fat Ramen

I believe I have now been on this planet long enough to be considered an honorary human. Whether that is a title I actually desire or not is a separate question. But over the years I have grown somewhat fond of humans, their endearing flaws notwithstanding, so like everyone else remotely sensible on this planet, I have been trapped indoors as the virus runs its course. Luckily, that does not mean that I have to deprive myself of my favourite thing: eating out.

While a few restaurants are still sadly shut, many have been offering home delivery. Truly, the tenacity of this species never fails to amaze me. This means that I not only still have access to some of my favourite restaurants, but I have the opportunity to help them stay afloat in trying times. Never has ordering out been a more noble cause! (Take note, humans that are too lazy to cook). Before the CoVid crisis, Fat Ramen was one of my go-to places, and it still is.

How can I even begin to describe the glorious experience that is Fat Ramen. It is quite simply put, comfort in a bowl. Fat Ramen was apparently the first ever ramen restaurant in Helsinki, and that would explain how they have had the time to perfect their dishes, right down to the smallest detail. Especially the eponymous Fat Ramen bowl. The perfectly balanced signature noodles—neither too thin nor too thick—that sink into the broth and tenderly absorb its flavour while still retaining enough of a bite. The thick, juicy chunks of pork belly that practically melt in your mouth. And of course, the broth—a pork bone tonkotsu broth that is so velvety and full to the brim of flavour that your mouth feels like it has received a warm, soothing hug. Just when you feel like the richness of the pork and the broth might overwhelm you, that gooey brine egg slides in. It is the soft, creamy sun around which the dish revolves. The fresh spring onions and black sesame seeds add the perfect little finishing touch. It is truly a masterpiece.

I ordered from Fat Ramen this week and decided to also try the monthly special: Pork Tantanmen Ramen. While it did not quite compare to the original, the bold peanut flavour was an interesting change and the ground-up pork added a new dimension of texture. I am also fond of the savoury Salmon Dashi Ramen and I recommend the Spicy Pork Ramen for those seeking ramen that packs a punch. I salute Fat Ramen for managing to keep up their high standards despite the challenges that all restaurants have been facing. May they continue to do so always.

Pork Tantanmen Ramen (Monthly Special)

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