Chef’s Log 81: Home is Where the Food is

Poor humans. These are tough times indeed. I do sympathize. Being an alien, I am of course, immune to this new virus that has reared its ugly head. But I am staying indoors in solidarity. And also because I have no choice, with nothing being open and all. It has been three whole weeks since I’ve been inside a restaurant. Three.

I cannot stress enough how important it is for everyone to stay inside right now. I know I rarely touch on the sinister things I have experienced in my long lifetime, but I have witnessed entire populations being wiped off the face of their planets simply because they did not take a disease seriously enough. Gastronomica has had its fair share of diseases as well, though luckily for us, none as life threatening as that. But there once was a highly contagious virus that made nearly everyone on the planet almost completely lose their appetite! It was horrifying. Truly a dark time in our history.

For those of you unsure about what to do with your newfound free time, look at this as an opportunity to build upon already existing skills or to pick up new ones. Might I suggest cooking (that most essential skill)? If the thought of preparing food intimidates you, fear not, for there are many quick and easy recipes that require limited ingredients and even less proficiency. Now is the perfect time to try (for instance) homemade energy bars, mug cakes and the ubiquitous Dalgona coffee.

Of course, if you’d rather just relax and de-stress during this difficult time, that’s perfectly acceptable as well. Humans are not wired to be efficient anyway, if you ask me.

There is not much more I can say in the way of comforting or encouraging you, seeing as how that is something that does not come naturally to me. So here are a few haikus instead.

In these stressful times,
One thing on everyone’s mind
Dalgona coffee

Don’t know what to do?
I have found that cooking is
great entertainment

What is in a name?
No need to take it out on
Corona beer

If you’re wondering
how you can possibly cope,
food is the answer

If you enjoy food haikus, do check out this previous post and this one.  

P.S. There might be a couple of restaurants that I have yet to review in backlog. Perhaps I could string together a few blog posts.

Till then, stay strong, stay safe and stay at home!  

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