Chef’s Log 78: T’was Fine to Dine at Mine-Ority

Continuing my trend of celebrating some of the prettiest food I’ve eaten, my next post will highlight what I’ve sampled from Mineority by Saby. First, a word about the restaurant. Located in Kalyani Nagar, Pune, Mineority’s decor and theme captures the essence of a mine (which explains the clever wordplay in the name). The dishes are an inventive and often delightfully quirky blend of local and international cuisine.

Mineority uses familiar, homegrown ingredients and elevates them by adding a touch of cosmopolitan elegance and sophistication. I couldn’t help but notice distinctive Bengali flavours in many of the dishes–kashondi (an intense-flavoured mustard originating in West Bengal) in particular, made an appearance in multiple dishes. Being (as regular readers would know by now) a loyal fan of Bengali cuisine, this surprise was more than welcome.