Chef’s Log 77: Urban Wow-ndry

There is a popular aphorism on my planet, which states “Food is consumed in 3 stages: first, by the eyes, then the nose and finally, the mouth.” I can attest to this myself, having researched food and the consumption of it for over 8 decades now. I find that the general appearance and visual aesthetics of meals are often overlooked on this planet.

After ruminating on the stunning presentations of Le Plaisir in my last post, I have realized that recognition must be given to those who honour and elevate the visual aspect of culinary art. And so, I propose to dedicate this post and the next one to restaurants that have exceeded my expectations in this area. To those of you who might accuse me of shortening my descriptions purely due to laziness, to you I say: you are absolutely correct and surprisingly astute for a human.

This post will highlight the gorgeous food at Urban Foundry, Pune (