Chef’s Log 70: An Ode to the Irish Baileys Cheesecake at The French Window Patisserie

O dessert most divine, surely you do not belong on this humble Earth
Most would have used boring old wine, but the Baileys added such a thrill
Your complexity and depth of flavour had no perceivable dearth
No matter how many spoonfuls I had, I just could not have my fill

The heavens descended as soon as it hit my tongue
The glorious, crumbly Oreo crust, the soft, decadent layer on top
Ah it would be enough to make the oldest human feel young
On second thought, it might be enough to make their heart stop


Most regal of desserts, fit for any noble queen or king
With your majestic visage crowned with chocolate curls
And all the joy that the right quantity of alcohol can bring
Surely worth more than fifty million rubies or pearls


That this was crafted by human hand is astonishing
Perhaps my earlier criticisms I should amend
And yet, my ability to rhyme is slowly diminishing
So fortunately it is here that I will have to end


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