The Spoon Recommends: The Best Desserts in Goa

How can I even begin to describe the importance of dessert? On my planet, we do not have the concept of dessert as it is understood here on Earth, but we partake in something very similar. Each meal compulsorily ends with a small dish that is meant to simultaneously evoke warmth, mirth and contentment. It ensures that your meal ends on a happy note—literally, because it often also evokes pleasant music that only the diner can hear. Those that fail to fulfill the after-meal requirement at a restaurant are usually imprisoned (we take our food very seriously on Gastronomica). Anyway, while humans might not grant dessert quite as much importance as we do, they do seem to understand its appeal. And this has inspired me to create a new series of posts. The posts will focus on my recommendations for the places I often frequent. And what better way to start than with dessert? Here are my recommendations for desserts in Goa.

The Eclairs at Jila Bakery

Jila Bakery is one of the most deceptive places I have ever encountered. Although it is considered a landmark, one would never guess what it is from its outer appearance. In keeping with its theme, the eclairs are deceptively delicious. Fresh, silky custard encased in a light, crisp pastry with just a hint of chocolate. What more could one ask for?

The Gadbad at Cream Center

The Gadbad at Cream Center is (I’m told) an aptly named dessert. This whimsical treat consists of three layers of different flavours of ice cream, and contains hidden surprises such as jelly, raisins and nuts, which manage to confuse and delight your palate all at once.

The Red Velvet Cupcakes at Bodega

Yes, the very same ones that prove how powerful a small object can be. These luscious beauties have migrated from the Tea Café to Bodega, but it doesn’t matter to me, because I would follow them across the world if I had to.

I must not forget the evasive Deconstructed Cheesecake at Longuinho’s, which brought me much pain with its absence.
Honourable mentions: the Chocolate Cake at Carasid and the San Reval at A Pastelaria.
Other places that serve desserts to die for include Delicieux and Caked.
Now go forth and eat sweet things.