Chef’s Log 62: The Return of the Food Haikus

I enjoyed it immensely the last time, so I thought it would be fun to adapt this beautiful form of poetry once again. The Spoon from Outer Space presents: Eternal (culinary) wisdom encapsulated in 17 syllables (again):


History has shown,

No problem was ever solved

By going vegan


Finding peace of mind

Is surprisingly easy

When there’s chocolate


Wise men and fools, both

Cannot resist the urge to

Gorge on scrumptious food


Bad days exist, but

The cupcake was invented

To solve this problem


It took countless years

For animals to evolve

Into tasty meals


All you need is love

And there is no love greater

Than the love of food


Fish, chicken or beef?

How long you will live depends

On which meat you eat


Hell hath no fury,

Like a woman deprived of

Her favourite food


‘Simply add butter’

Answers the question ‘how to

Make it taste better’