Chef’s Log 58: Make Me (Kao)Sway

The city of Mumbai is a strange place. It’s dirty, grimy, crowded, and practically uninhabitable during the rains. But contrary to what one would assume, these appear to be conditions amidst which human creativity thrives. When it comes to pleasing the palate, no place is quite as innovative as Mumbai. I visited there recently, and found myself at a lovely, unassuming little restaurant known as ‘Busago.’ Since Busago specializes in South East Asian cuisine, I sampled their Burmese Chicken Kaukswe. What really impressed me is that they didn’t provide the dish in its final form, but rather, gave the customer the option to mix and match the ingredients as per their own discretion. This is an absolute breakthrough! For so long, arrogant chefs have been assuming that they know your own palate better than you do. Finally, a restaurant respects the customer enough to let them mix their dish according to their taste. The base of the dish of course, was the noodles and the coconut curry. The curry had a distinct, but not overwhelming coconut flavour. It was the right texture—thin but not creamy, and not too rich, unlike most other forms of Kaukswe that I’ve tried. The sheer variety of the ingredients was amazing. I think my favourite were the burnt garlic and fried onions. A hint of lime also added a nice, fresh zestiness to the dish, while peanuts added an extra crunch and chilly flakes provided a hit of spiciness. I also sampled the ‘Super Heroes Juice’ which was a mixture of apple, orange and carrot juices. It was mildly flavoured, but fairly refreshing and definitely healthy (added bonus). My only criticism/suggestion? Busago could really use someone to proofread their menu.


Beautiful and delicious ingredients

I'm all about that base

I’m all about that base









The final product

The final product

Photo Credit: Divya Rodrigues

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