Chef’s Log 57: Canapé Your Respect

‘Value for money’ is a term used very loosely on this planet. Money itself is a strange concept. I don’t understand why humans didn’t stick to the original barter system. My planet has been using it for the past hundred millennia or so and it still works perfectly fine. It is yet more evidence of the species’ declining intelligence, if you ask me. But the point is humans are obsessed with getting their money’s worth. And this is rarely achieved when it comes to food. It appears that sometimes restaurants gauge the quality and quantity of their dish, then decide to play a joke on their customer and charge them double of what it’s actually worth. I believe, however, that I have found a restaurant that truly exemplifies value for money: Canapé (Goa). The restaurant’s sizzlers and steaks (which cost less than Rs. 300 each) are large, well-balanced meals that

One of Canapé's refreshing beverages

One of Canape’s refreshing beverages

are more than enough for a single stomach (I even know of people who share them). I sampled their ‘Crème mushroom chicken steak.’ I of course, had my doubts about a so-called ‘steak’ that is not made of beef (will wonders never cease), but I was pleasantly surprised. The sauce, as promised, was rich and creamy and packed with a generous helping of fresh, succulent mushrooms. A second brown sauce slathered onto the steak was a delightful surprise, and added another layer to the overall flavor and complexity of the dish. In fact, the creaminess of the mushroom sauce was beautifully accented by the savoury, earthy flavor of the brown sauce. The steak was accompanied by herbed rice, grilled vegetables,coleslaw and french fries, all playing their part in enhancing the dish’s overall flavour. It was to put it simply, a very tasty, filling meal. Canapé also has a number of excellent dishes which are results of experiments gone right; for instance: the Chicken Cafreal Burger. They also have a wide variety of beverages. I tried the lemon and mint iced tea, which was zesty and refreshing. I’m not sure whether I was most impressed by the quality, quantity or price, but one thing’s for sure: I’m definitely coming back.


The Crème Mushroom Chicken Steak. Ideal for when you’re very hungry.



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