Chef’s Log 35: The ‘Bosst’ Food in Town


Chilly Garlic Pepper Fish

I was told that a unique feature of Calcutta is that it contains within it a town straight out of China! This greatly intrigued me, so I had to go see for myself. My main aim was, of course, to sample what I hoped would be genuine Chinese food. So I set off to a restaurant named ‘Big Boss’. I confess I was rather disappointed, for I found the food there was much like the regular Chinese food that is found in India. It made me rather suspicious. Nonetheless, what I tried was reasonably tasty. The Chilly Garlic Pepper Fish was delightfully piquant- the freshness of the fish was set off by the zesty punch of the spices. It really was a rather fiery explosion on my tongue. The Chicken Cantonese noodles were rather bland however; but the Fung Chang chicken was quite a treat. I also enjoyed the Sichuan fish- delicately spiced with a hint of sweetness and a slight crunch, it was simply delicious. I must say the Chinese (If indeed they are Chinese) are greatly skilled at cooking fish. Of course I suppose I should not be surprised to find a definitive Indian influence in the food. I’m fairly certain a restaurant with a name such as ‘Big Boss’ would be difficult to find in any other country. The term ‘big boss’ is, for some unfathomable reason, extremely popular in this country and has been used as a title for everything, from articles of clothing to strange television shows. Anyway, for anyone who enjoys eating fish, this restaurant is for you.


Chicken Cantonese Noodles and Fung Chang Chicken

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