Chef’s Log 34: Rezala Your Hands


Chicken Rezala

A whole new state means a whole new selection of restaurants. The first place I decided to visit was a rather quaint little eatery titled ‘Aminia’. I sampled their ‘Chicken Rezala’ accompanied by a ‘roomali roti’. The rezala turned out to be a delicately flavoured, lightly spiced chicken broth with a distinctly sweet aftertaste. The roomali roti, aptly named after the Hindi word for handkerchief, was soft and fluffy, and soaked up the oily textured rezala perfectly. The combination was simply divine and unlike anything I have sampled before. Aminia is also said to serve an excellent biryani. A must visit for those who are fond of Indian cuisine. And also for those who are fond of reasonably priced food.


Roomali Roti

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