Chef’s Log 33: East of Eatin’

By now I have learnt that the Earth sector known as ‘India’ is a place that contains within itself many cultures, many traditions, many languages and most important of all, many kinds of food. Since I have been situated primarily on the west coast of the country for a reasonable amount of time now, I naturally developed a curiosity regarding the east coast and its (presumably different) culinary traditions. After utilizing my formidable powers of persuasion on my superiors, I was granted the chance to travel to the other side of the country, to a city known as ‘Calcutta’. What I discovered there was fascinating. Firstly, I was greatly confused by the name itself. Calcutta is at times known as ‘Kolkata’ and I had some trouble distinguishing the real name. However, I learnt that unlike the rest of the country, the residents of this city tend to possess two names by which they are identified rather than one. So it seems plausible that the city too should have two names. The second discovery I made greatly pleased me. Just as the area known as Goa has a shop bearing alcohol at every turn, similarly, in the city of Calcutta every corner boasts a restaurant. The race who call themselves ‘Bengalis’ possess an impressive appetite- almost enough to rival that of a Gastronomican. They also treat food with the respectful reverence it deserves, turning every meal into a multiple course extravaganza. So far, I am impressed. But I have yet to sample the cuisine that I have heard so much about. And so, my adventure begins.

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