Chef’s Log 31: Dot’s Delicious!


These wings certainly transported me to a better place

Every now and then you find a gem of a restaurant where practically everything on the menu is excellent. ‘Polka Dots’ is one such place. With a widely varied and extensive set of dining options, of which none have disappointed (so far), this could be my new favourite place. The other day I stopped by and sampled some of their dishes. Their chicken wings are simply to die for; succulent, crispy, batter-fried chicken slathered in a sweet yet piquant sticky sauce- they had me licking my fingers long after they were gone.  I also tried the ‘Geschnetzeltes’.  Don’t let the unpronounceable title fool you (it’s a Swiss dish, I believe); this is one of the best chicken-rice combinations I’ve ever had. The chicken was soft and juicy, the mushroom sauce was savoury and delectable, and a generous dollop of sour cream added the perfect tang. The buttered herb rice was an ideal accompaniment for the dish. All in all, it was a superb meal.  Polka Dots also has a great selection of beverages and some fantastic desserts. They also seem to be aware of their powerful potential and have clearly put a plan to take over the world into motion- I have already come across 2 separate branches in Pune. So although it might soon be the only food available, I don’t think anyone would complain. Get on their good side while you can and visit now.


This dish should be named something far more simple. Like ‘Yummy’

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