Chef’s Log 26: Breakfast, Or Breakfeast?


Potato and Scallion Latke

If I had to choose a favourite meal, it would definitely be breakfast. Something about it being the first meal of the day makes it thrilling somehow. I would say it has the power to determine what sort of day you’ll have. Well perhaps I tend to expect rather much from food, but either ways, when breakfast is done correctly, it can make your day. And Sinq Tavern definitely knows how to do it right. Considering that it is run by Bodega- the humans that brought to you the legendary red velvet cupcake, it’s not surprising. Amusingly named after the area in which it is situated- Sinquerim, Goa (I assume), Sinq Tavern by Bodega offers an exciting range of breakfast items. This includes a divine grated potato and scallion pancake called a ‘latke’. Perfectly browned, delicately crisped and mouth-wateringly savoury, this fascinating concoction left me wanting more. It was served with 3 dips which differed in taste and texture, but were equally delicious. As scrumptious as the ‘latke’ was, however, what I ordered next was marvelous enough to make me almost forget about it. The waffles- which I greedily chose to divide based on toppings (one side bacon, one side nutella and bananas) were simply heavenly.  They were soft, light and fluffy enough to make me seriously question whether one

Waffles with Spiced Honey, Nutella and fruit, and Apple Smoked Bacon

Waffles with Spiced Honey, Nutella and fruit, and Apple Smoked Bacon

of the ingredients was cloud essence (Although I was informed it’s very difficult to find that here). The banana and nutella combination was delicious, as expected, but the bacon. Sigh. The bacon. I believe it was the Applewood Smoked variety, which is apparently not only packed full of flavour but phenomenally crispy as well; perhaps the best I have sampled so far. And that’s saying a lot. The waffles were served with a lightly spiced honey topping, which complimented all the flavours beautifully. This place truly takes breakfast to the next level. And apparently they plan to extend the menu to include lunch and dinner soon, so fingers crossed.

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