Chef’s Log 17: The ‘Power’ of a Good ‘Lunch’

It would appear that the humans like to do things in extremes. Soon after my discovery of the inexplicable die-it process, I came across a place which led me to believe that this (increasingly) perplexing race also enjoys partaking in an experience that is quite the opposite- they continually ingest copious amounts of food till they reach a stage where they can barely stand. I believe the term for this odd yet fascinating ritual is ‘buffet’. However, 11 East Street Café in Camp, Pune, offers a variation which they call ‘power lunch.’ The basic idea is that you sit at a table while a waiter persistently plies you with food until you reach the point where you nearly lose consciousness- all for a nominal fee.  As you can imagine, I was delighted. The best part about the power lunch is, unlike the traditional buffet, it adheres to the ‘custom’ part of ‘customer’ i.e.  you get to choose all the dishes from the menu and customize your meal. The entire meal includes a soup, salad, starter, main-course, dessert and a choice between a mocktail and a beer. And all of this (in more than decent portions, I might add) for the sum of just Rs. 400- inclusive of tax! I was of course, highly suspicious at first, suspecting it to be some cleverly disguised experiment of sorts (And given the kind of experiments I have seen aliens being subjected to in Earthling fiction, I was more than a little afraid).  But it appears that the humans at this restaurant seem to be genuinely unfamiliar with how the monetary system works. Not that I’m complaining. It was, after all, one of the most satisfying meals I’ve had in a long time and so far, the one that came closest to actually satisfying my appetite (a challenging task, considering I have 3 stomachs). Since this meal had several components, I will merely provide a quick summary.  I had the French Onion soup, which had a pleasantly surprising spicy kick to it. The Spring Chicken Salad, which came next, was wonderfully fresh, with a lovely fragrant dressing, and made for an excellent palate cleanser. The Jalapeno Cheeseballs (starter) had a distinctly home-made taste, while the Bacardi Chicken (main-course) was slathered in a rich, cheesy sauce which was a delectable medley of sweet and savoury. The salad and the main-course were both accompanied by some marvelous garlic bread (I think my favourite part of the meal) and the Virgin Mojito complemented the food nicely. The dessert, I am afraid, was less than satisfactory, especially considering the quality of the preceding dishes. Nonetheless, the meal was overall, more than worth its price. Truly a feast fit for a Gastronomican. I would also like to point out that the service was astoundingly speedy, and the décor, something completely unique and delightful.  I strongly suggest that everyone, in particular those of you who are always on the hunt for discounts, avail of this incredible offer while it still lasts.