Chef’s Log 12: Yogi Treat


Fresh, green and healthy Pesto

I was wrong. You see, unlike (the majority of) humans, I am more than capable of admitting an error.  I’m afraid my earlier assessment that in order to be appetizing a (non-dessert) dish must contain meat in some form was simply false. You may wonder what brought about this sudden change of heart. Well, it was a charming little café by the name of The Yogi Tree. Frequented often by the strange, unhygienic species of earthlings known as ‘hippies’, this place apparently caters to their specific and unusual needs, for it serves only fresh, wholesome, vegetarian dishes; I believe ‘healthy’ is the term. And yet, despite the lack of meat, the dishes served here are simply divine. I suppose the fact that they are good for you would make them even more appealing. Anyway, The Yogi Tree makes an excellent pasta. I sampled the Pesto with mushrooms and olives. Usually I am not a fan of Pesto- it is my least favourite pasta- however, this was delicious. The flavours just popped; the ingredients were fresh and crisp and it had a lovely hint of garlic. The ‘Aglio e Olio’ pasta is even better.
But I cannot fail to mention the tea. Their ginger lemon tea with honey has to be the most refreshing beverage I have ever encountered. There is perfect

Ginger lemon honey tea-rrific

Ginger lemon honey tea-rrific

harmony between the subtle tang of the lemon and the sweetness of the honey, and the pungency of the ginger adds a slight kick- ideal for clearing sinuses. Entertainment is also available in plenty, in the form of a motley gathering of humans, as well as a number of queer, scampering animals (‘Cats’, I think they are called). Another great thing about this place is that it is reasonably priced. Since I have spent much currency on food, I finally understand why everyone is constantly complaining about the lack of it (currency, not food), so the prices at this place greatly pleased me. Those of you visiting/living in Koregaon Park, Pune, do visit this place. 

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