Chef’s Log 9: Sereni-tea


Tea-rrific presentation too

Tea. Who knew it could be so exciting? I certainly didn’t. I once thought of it as the milder, boring cousin of coffee, but I stand corrected. As I recently discovered, there are apparently many things one can do with this beverage. And ‘Tea Centre’ in Mumbai (As is implied by their name) are certainly experts in that field. Their ‘Hot Apple Butter Tea’ was light and fresh, with just the right hint of acidity. The butter added a lovely texture, while the apple flavour was subtle and not overpowering.  It quite reminded me of the delicious Honeydew Cactus drink that’s very popular on Planet Gastronomica (Minus the psychoactive effects of course).
The large variety of teas in their menu is impressive. They also have a great selection of food. I sampled their Pesto Chicken Crostini and found it quite satisfactory. The bread was lightly toasted, as I like it and it had a good blend of herbs. The quantity simply overwhelmed me. Oh, and I must not forget to mention how charming the place is in terms of its setting and ambiance. Very elegant. A must-visit for anyone who loves tea. (Which, in my experience is all Indians)


That’s a lot of Pesto Chicken Crostini

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