Chef’s Log 8: Birds and Wings

I found myself in a fascinating little restaurant this weekend.  It’s right in the heart of what I can only assume to be India’s pollution capital-Mumbai.  The place has a strange name: ‘The Hungry Birds’, and even stranger décor, with Styrofoam planes and hypnotic fans hanging from the ceiling. However, I am a big fan of quirky design and enjoy the quaint atmosphere it creates. Most importantly, the food was excellent. Their Chicken Wings are to die for. Juicy chicken covered in a thick, sticky, sweet barbecue sauce- I was licking my fingers for hours. Not only was the sauce delectable, but the batter-fried chicken still retained a lovely crunch, which in my limited experience with chicken wings, is quite rare.  Their onion rings are also great and worth trying. The best part about this place is that their prices are extremely reasonable, and they don’t go overboard with the tax.  Also exciting, (for me at least) is the extended club area, where one can clearly observe the bizarre effect that al-cohol and loud music have on humans.

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