Chef’s Log 2: The Best Thing on the Planet

I must gather myself before I post this, as I am still reeling from what I have experienced. For the first time since my arrival here, I have been suitably impressed, no, stunned, by what the humans presented to me as food. From the instant it entered my mouth, there was an immediate explosion of pleasure. Saltiness combined with crunchiness combined with smokiness; the flavours danced on my tongue, teasing and tantalizing me until it was over. And then I had some more. The Earthlings refer to this amazing phenomenon as ‘Bay-con’. I was greatly surprised to learn that it comes from that rather unintelligent and filthy looking animal-the pig. I suppose just as on Gastronomica, every living thing here has its own unique function. This ‘pig’ clearly serves no other purpose than to be eaten. I shall make it a point to eat as much Bay-con as I can while I’m here.

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