Chef’s Log 4: Sea and Food

Since this planet contains water more than anything else, I thought it would be wise to sample some of its sea creatures.  Also, I’ve had a huge craving for a Five Finned Hunchback Salmon for the longest time and figured some Earth seafood might just do the trick (Although I doubt it could possibly compare).  I came across a rather cute restaurant on the wayside of the area known as Calangute. The décor was warm and inviting; very cozy, and I found myself enjoying the background music (These music makers who call themselves ‘Morcheeba’ have quite captured my fancy).
The food was just what I needed.  The fish, (I am not entirely sure of the subspecies, perhaps it was Snapper) was tender, yet had a bite to it. It was covered in a lovely, zesty, lemony white sauce which had an interesting combination of tanginess and creaminess. There was a side of brightly coloured broccoli (These Earthlings and their vegetables, I tell you) and what amused and delighted me the most, was the little ‘potato cake’ beneath the fish-a moist, creamy concoction consisting of a kind of baked mashed potato pie. Innovative, and delicious.  I was greatly impressed with the freshness of the ingredients. It made the flavours clean and light. The quantity was perfect as well. And as for the ‘Mohito’? Ah, it never fails to amaze me how the humans constantly create such strange and wonderful things using this ingredient they call ‘Al-cohol.’ This one was most refreshing.  I would love to sit back, relax and sip this Mohito while watching the three suns rise. Oh wait, I forget, Earth has only one. Anyway for those who wish to visit this restaurant, (And I would highly recommend it for Continental food) it is called Travel Bar and is found in Calangute, Goa.  Oh, and it should be mentioned that it has a different menu for lunch, which I plan to go for sometime in the future.


And for less than 500 of the native currency, too

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