Chef’s Log 3: A Cup of Sugar, and a Pinch of Evil


The Epitome of Evil

I have to say, I’m surprised. I always thought of humans as a relatively gentle, peaceful species (Well, aside from the atom bombs and wars and all that). However, today I discovered that they are capable of producing something which can only be described as pure evil. This device, known as ‘Red Velvet Cupcake’, would be enough to bring any Gastronomican to their knees (Of course, it should be mentioned that we have the most sensitive taste buds in all the galaxy- a mere drop of Saltwater-Snail Oil will leave a sour taste in one’s mouth for an entire week). The natives, however, seem to be unaware of the potential of this ‘cupcake’ and clearly do not plan to weaponize it anytime soon.
I must comment on the complexity of its flavours and textures. The cake is rich, luscious and crumbly; the icing, creamy and silky smooth. I can understand why the term ‘velvet’ would be applied to this particular culinary item. It does actually melt in your mouth. Just the right hint of salt sets off the flavours and the tiny edible silver balls (I am not sure what the native term is) lend the perfect crunch. The experience is truly, what is that word? Yes, sinful. For humans who wish to indulge themselves and taste this weapon…sorry, cupcake, it can be found at Tea Café in Fontainhas, Goa:

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