Chef’s Log 45: Curry Leaves-An-Excellent-Taste-In-Your-Mouth

Beef Dry Fry, Chicken Pepper Fry and Appam(s)

Beef Dry Fry, Chicken Pepper Fry and Appam(s)

I admit, I consider the human race to be a rather weak species. If one were to ask my opinion, I would declare without any hesitation that the only reason they thrive now is because of the utter lack of intelligence possessed by Earth’s inferior species Continue reading

Chef’s Log 18: Korea-lly Awesome


Food like this renews my faith in the human race


Soojeonggwa and cold soup

I have made a very exciting discovery.  My knowledge of science is limited, at best (although interestingly, it would appear that certain Earthlings consider culinary art and science to be one and the same), but I can safely assume that the scientists on my planet would consider this a most fascinating find. Continue reading

Chef’s Log 14: Rock and (Beef) Roll


Scandinavian Beef Rolls

Salutations, my homies from another home (I have been assured that this is an authentic and appropriate term of endearment). I realize that I have not posted anything for a fairly long time, and for this, I apologize. What else can I say but so much food, so little time. It’s a big planet. And with the kind of food available, I’m surprised it has not been renamed Planet Girth. Continue reading

Chef’s Log 5: A Whole New World (Of Meat)

Bay-con Heaven?

So I decided (Well ‘decided’ is used loosely here; spent hours convincing my superiors is more like it) that some degree of travelling would be necessary in order to fully appreciate the culinary range of this side of the country. ‘Country’: what is that anyway? We have no official borders where I come from. Continue reading