Chef’s Log 52: YogurtYay


Waffle sticks. So good. Sigh.

A good dessert, like a good book, stays with you forever. You might be surprised to learn that we have books on my planet. Well, except, they are much more sophisticated than the paltry fare available here. I use the word fare because like most things on Gastronomica, books are consumed. Ingested. Gulped down. Whatever definition works best for you. Continue reading

Chef’s Log 47: It’s All Greek to Me

Like others of my race, I too firmly believe that the occasional indulgence is not just a luxury, but a necessity. And what better indulgence is there really, than food? I am slowly discovering that money, like so many other things on this rather depressing planet, is transient- one minute it’s here, the next it’s gone. Continue reading

Chef’s Log 45: Curry Leaves-An-Excellent-Taste-In-Your-Mouth

Beef Dry Fry, Chicken Pepper Fry and Appam(s)

Beef Dry Fry, Chicken Pepper Fry and Appam(s)

I admit, I consider the human race to be a rather weak species. If one were to ask my opinion, I would declare without any hesitation that the only reason they thrive now is because of the utter lack of intelligence possessed by Earth’s inferior species Continue reading