Chef’s Log 46: Word Play

Laziness is not a trait that is restricted to humans. Hence this blog post will merely consist of a compilation of my various lists of ‘what if it was about food,’ because if you ask me, everything on this planet should be about food (or beverages).

If there were more clever bands like the ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers,’ the ‘Black-Eyed Peas’ and ‘Smashing Pumpkins’ which incorporated food in their names, they would probably be called
Feastie Boys
Michael Learns to Cook
The Grateful Bread
Fryin’ Maiden
Buns ‘n’ Roses
Death Cab For Cookie
Cradle of Fish
Rage Against The Coffee Machine

And some of their songs would have the following titles:
Master of Crumpets
Cheese Don’t Go
November Grain
Some Toddy That I Used To Pour
Bohemian Raspberry
I Will Serve-Pie
Cake Me Out
Light My Flambe
Under the Fridge
I Wanna Roast Your Ham
Chips Don’t Lie

And if all videogames followed in the legendary footsteps of ‘Candy Crush Saga’ and “Super Meat Boy’ the most popular of them (assuming that the cake is NOT a lie) would be:
Gourd of War
Sorpotel Combat
Need for Feed
Grand Theft Risotto
Dungeon Pasta
Devil May Fry
Beers of War
Defense of the Raisins
Naans vs Zombies
Mortal Kumquat
Sole(fish) Calibur
World of Knorr-craft
Call of Frooti
Max Grain
Red Bread Redemption
Meat Fighter
Cream Fortress

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