Chef’s Log 38: Momore Please


The last pork momo

Freezing cold weather and steaming hot momos go together like cookies and cream, bread and butter, apple pie and ice cream. Basically, they complement each other perfectly. And I have discovered what might just be the best momo place in Darjeeling. Juicy, savoury pork in a soft, delicately flavoured dumpling served fresh and piping hot- the momos at Penang’s are certainly melt-in-your-mouth material. Of course they serve chicken momos as well, but ‘why choose chicken when you can have pork,’ I always say. The momos are served with a broth that is extremely bland; a tradition apparently, one I do not understand. I sampled the pork chowmein as well. Unlike regular noodles, chowmein noodles are rather stiff. However, the sweet, succulent pork combined with the almost crunchy texture of the noodles quite brilliantly. All in all, it was an excellent meal. Penang’s is a must visit for all momo enthusiasts.


Pork Chowmein’s

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