Chef’s Log 25: Behind The Tapastry


Creamy, cheesy mashed potatoes wrapped in a crunchy fried spring roll shell

This tendency of the humans to try and appropriate cuisines from countries that they’ve probably never been to is most endearing. I was told that the Chinese food available in India is in fact, nothing like the food available in China. I perhaps would be disappointed if I was promised authentic Gastronomican food and then discovered that it is merely some human’s interpretation of it. However, as far as I’m concerned, the fusion (even if unintentional) of two entirely different types of cuisines often results in a unique brand of deliciousness.  And so it was that I came across a restaurant in Goa which primarily serves a Spanish dish known as ‘tapas’.  ‘Maracas’, as the place is called, has a lovely setting and a very relaxing air about it. The combined effect of the quirky decorative items, luxurious greenery, and pleasant background music makes it the perfect Sunday brunch destination. I very much liked the concept of ‘tapas’- what could be better than eating a series of tiny meals, enabling you to taste as many things as possible? I sampled the mashed potato and cheese filled spring rolls. An extremely innovative dish, it consisted of soft cheesy mashed potatoes in a crispy shell, drizzled with a tart white sauce. The unusual blend of soft creaminess and crisp crunchiness really enlivened the eating experience of eating it, making it rather exciting. It was a dish that was inventive as well as delicious- my favourite kind. I also tried the bacon wrapped steak in green peppercorn sauce, which was part of the main course menu. Although the bacon was quite scrumptious, and the steak juicy and succulent, I found the dish a tad bland. It did not live up to the expectations set by the previous dish. The best part about Maracas however, is that an ’add bacon’ option is available next to practically all the vegetarian dishes on the menu. Now that’s a good philosophy.


Bacon wrapped steak with green peppercorn sauce


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