Chef’s Log 18: Korea-lly Awesome


Food like this renews my faith in the human race


Soojeonggwa and cold soup

I have made a very exciting discovery.  My knowledge of science is limited, at best (although interestingly, it would appear that certain Earthlings consider culinary art and science to be one and the same), but I can safely assume that the scientists on my planet would consider this a most fascinating find. A few days ago, I came across what could only be a portal which has the capacity to transport anyone who passes through it to Korea. That’s right; one minute I was in Pune, India and the next, in a quaint little restaurant covered in what appeared to be authentic Korean paraphernalia. Astounding. The other customers at the restaurant seemed to be either oblivious or indifferent to this strange phenomenon, suggesting that they were either aware of the portal and how it works, or they were idiots. Nevertheless, I refuse to comment more on the issue of the ‘tele-portal’ until I have consulted with an expert. I will say this though- the restaurant was simply charming. The décor and the atmosphere were warm, inviting and exotic all at once. And it turns out Korean food is marvelous. I tried the Bibimbaub- a flavourful mix of vegetables, egg, beef and rice, served with Gochujang sauce and soup, which had a great zing to it. I also had the Gochujang Yangnyeom Gui, which apparently translates to ‘really delicious pork’. It appears that the Koreans have great skill when it comes to preparing meat. The pork was grilled to perfection and seasoned beautifully. It was incredibly soft and tender – some of the softest and juiciest pork I have ever tasted- and coated in a piquant, tangy, dry-spice mixture that would inspire even the most prudish human to lick their fingers. The Soojeonggwa- a Korean traditional cinnamon and ginger tea- which accompanied my meal, was lovely, light and fresh. And the complimentary cold soup which was provided at the start of the meal was stunning- what an innovative concept. It was a delectable blend of spices, and was greatly refreshing, with a vibrant, pungent kick to it. I was overall highly impressed, and grateful that I had the chance to sample this excellent cuisine and view what little of the culture that I could. I would definitely recommend a visit to this mysterious and wonderful place, for anyone interested in good food, great ambiance and an interesting cultural experience.



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